7 Coaching Facts -Why Having a Coach Is So Important to Your Business

7 Coaching facts that may help you know why having a coach is so important to your business. Face it; the most successful people in any area of life have a coach. Athletes aren’t the only ones, they just know they need someone teaching, pushing and holding them accountable. Don’t you need the same thing in your business or life? Of course you do! So here are some facts about coaching for your business.

A business coach is someone you hire to improve all areas of your business from sales and marketing to goal setting and follow through. A coach will help you come up with a plan and then help you achieve it. So why is a coach so important? Well a 2010 survey conducted by the International Coach Federation showed that 62.4% of people coached had improved goal-setting; 60.5% reported a more balanced life; 57.1% reduced stress levels; 52.4% had more self-confidence; 43.3% felt coaching improved quality of life; and 25.7% reported an increase in income.

Let’s just look at those areas of percentages. Improved goal setting means you can set more reasonable and achievable goals. A coach will help you set specific goals, not just “I want higher sales” kinds of goals. How many sales do you need? Why and how will you get there? The why is as important as the how. Why you want the goal will help you stay on track to achieving it.

Increased income is something that everyone wants, or says they want. Do you do what you need to do to increase income for your business? Do you even know what you need to do to increase your income? It’s not always working harder; sometimes it’s all about working smarter. A coach will have the insight to be able to tell you where you are spinning your wheels and what you could do to get better traction.

Balance, less stress and improved quality are not just business improvements, they are life improvements. How is your life better if all your time is spent on your business? I bet that means more stress and less quality. No family or down time can actually harm your health. Having a coach will help you see that taking the time to recharge your batteries with better balance will help you have a better quality of life and less stress.

Having a business coach shouldn’t be a “well maybe when I am doing better in business” afterthought. Hiring a coach will be how you do better in business. Make it a priority on your balance sheet.

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Fear of Public Speaking – Why Are We So Worried?

Public speaking is terrifying for some people. The fear of public speaking isn’t uncommon. In fact, it’s so common it actually has a name: glossophobia, and it’s one of the top fears or phobias in the world. Three quarters of the population has some form of this fear. Greek glōssa, meaning tongue, and phobos, fear or dread, and it is the fear of presenting yourself in front of an audience to speak or perform. So what, exactly do we fear?

Embarrassment. You’ve been there before, standing on the side of a stage or group, waiting to be introduced or start. The thoughts run through your head “what if I forget what I’m supposed to talk about?” or “what if they think I’m an idiot and laugh at me?” or “what if I mess up completely and they don’t get the information they need?” or “what if they laugh at my appearance?” They are probably silly worries, especially if you are prepared for the speaking engagement.

Failure. No one wants to fail. It would be a fail if the speech wasn’t up to par, or if any of the things you worried about above happened. Avoid failing by being completely prepared. Do your homework; know your audience and you won’t fail.

Not Being Prepared. As you look over your notes you worry that you didn’t do enough to be prepared for the speech. It’s an honest question, but if you took the time to research the topic and your audience, you should be properly prepared.

Being Judged. This is a big one, especially if the topic is one that is contentious. You wonder if people will judge you for the stance you take, or how you present the topic. What if they disagree with you and think badly of you because of that? Well the best way to combat that part of the fear is to realize that you can’t control what others think of you, or your topic. Present your speech with confidence, and use facts. Be passionate, but not overly emotional. Just always remember that what and how you present is within your control, your audience is not.

Public speaking can be frightening. Overcoming your fear and moving forward is the best way to conquer it.

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Tips for Public Speakers That Will Make Your Next Event a SUCCESS!

Here are some tips for public speakers because public speaking isn’t easy. It can be daunting to downright terrifying. But, sometimes it’s necessary, so you will want to do it well. What can you do to make sure that your next speaking event is a success?

Be prepared. The Boy Scouts were right, be prepared. Even if you know your topic inside out and backwards, write down an outline of your talking points ahead of time. Being organized will do a few things. It will keep you on track. Even if the topic isn’t something you are expert on, being prepared will mean you’ve done at least a little research to educate yourself. Find compelling information and different perspectives. Use humor to convey points.

Be sure to practice. This a great tip for public speakers! Practice your presentation in front of a mirror, or out loud to a voice recorder. Listen to it and find out if you are saying things like “um” “ah” “like” or other vocal pauses. Ask others to listen to you present your speech and give you honest feedback. Have someone read your notes to see if there are changes that you should make in content or organization. Practice makes perfect and if you want a successful event one of the best ways is to be sure you know your speech.

Be there. Be present, meaning don’t be distracted by other things going on in your life. When you are speaking, be in that moment and present for your audience. And for goodness sake, turn off your cell phone and put it out of sight!

Know the purpose of why you are making the presentation. Is it something you love or are passionate about? If so, how can you give others great takeaways from your presentation? Make sure they know why it matters.

Be proactive. It goes along with be prepared, but in order to engage your audience, you need to involve them. Don’t just lecture them, ask them questions. Ask them thought-provoking questions. Ask them questions that will get them chomping at the bit to get involved. Tell them you want their comments and questions as you go. Tell them you can be interrupted for clarification. Get them involved. Good tips for public speakers here! Getting people involved with what you are presenting will ensure a successful event!

Be passionate about how you present your information. Keep the saying “People may not remember what you say, but they will always remember the way you made them feel.” So make them feel the same passion. Be genuine and be positive.

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Why Having a Business Coach for Your Team Is VITAL

Many people believe that having a business coach is important to your team. They would be right. Having a coach for your business is vital to its success. Coaching tells your team that you have faith in their talent, helps them achieve goals through education and accountability and also gets them there faster.

Does your team feel that you have faith in their abilities? If not, they may not be buying into your goals. How can you show them you do believe they have the talent? Use a business coach. A coach will help you and your team come up with strategies to utilize each talent to work together to achieve the team goals. Why? Because when they feel they are a part of the goal process and know they have the talent needed your goals become theirs. That’s the basis of motivation, those goals becoming as important to them as they are to you.

Another benefit of coaching? An increase in knowledge and proficiency in skills. A business coach will help you learn as you go. Everyone will make mistakes in business and in life. A coach will help you learn from mistakes. Coaching will help your team grow, instead of stagnating. Your coach will also hold you accountable. If you don’t use what you learn, you will also stagnate. Tasks your coach may have you do may not be tasks you want to do. Prospecting and cold calling are two great examples. Left on their own, most people will avoid what they don’t want to do. A business coach will hold their feet to the fire and make sure things get done.

A coach will work with your team and learn what style works for each member. That way each member receives the type of encouragement that works best to not only hold them accountable, but also retains their commitment to your team. When all of these things come together, results are accelerated. The coach that provides a path, education, motivation and accountability will provide you with a team that will accomplish more for you and for themselves. Coaching may be for your business, but your employees will become better, more successful people in business and in life as well. Don’t your employees deserve that?

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Small Business Goal Setting – Are You all Headed for the Same Goal?

Small Business Goal Setting - Are You All Headed For The Same GoalAre you a small business owner? Goal setting is important for everyone on your team. Is your team on the same page when dealing with the business goals and goal setting? No? Well, how can you expect to set and then reach them if you aren’t on the same page? Small business needs good goals and making sure that you all share common goals is paramount.

Most people don’t give much thought to their work day, but at their core people want to be a part of something important and significant. Creating common goals and challenging your employees to work together to meet them can fulfill that need. Besides that, without the buy in of your staff, your goals won’t be met. The survival of your small business depends on your employees being involved in and excited about company goals.

The first part of getting employees to buy in is to be an effective and inspiring leader. If you are enthusiastic about goals, they will too. One key is communication. A good leader can communicate the goals and enthusiasm in such a way that the rest of the team can’t help but be excited about them as well. They will have a sense of purpose and goals will be met. Even if your goals are very rough, communicate them. Then give the team permission to brainstorm ways to improve on them or delineate them into clear, achievable goals. That gives them ownership of the goals as well. Make sure your employees share in the rewards as well. They aren’t just your business goals, but team goals that everyone has a stake in and will unite behind.

Other ways to get buy in are to make goals fun, offer rewards for input and achievement and so forth. If all of the benefit of the achievement goes to you, your staff will stop seeing any benefit to them. If the benefit is extended to your staff, they will realize their effort is for everyone.

Team buy in of goals will mean that establishing and achieving them is all but guaranteed.

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Small Business Success – Should You Have a Business Partner

You’ve got a great idea for a small business, and you found the perfect business partner to help you bring it to success. You both want a successful business, and are excited to get started. Stop. Before you even invest one dime into a small business venture, you need to do a few things to ensure a successful partnership, not a tale of bad business.

It happens all the time, expectations go from “this is awesome and we can do this!” to “my partner is the biggest _ (fill in the appropriate jerk, slacker, penny pincher, wasteful spender). It can happen for a lot of reasons: differences in vision for the small business; different risk tolerances; differences in work ethic or time versus cash. Lots of things can happen to make people bang heads and trash a partnership.

The best way to do this is to manage expectations from the beginning. Channel the excitement of a new small business into setting up the w’s: who, what, when, why. Who will be responsible for what, when and even if necessary why. Communication needs to be clear. So ask yourself questions like: What is a successful business and what does it mean to each of you? How many hours a week are each of your comfortable working at the start and later when things are less “new”?

What kind of a return on your investment into the business are you expecting? What should be reinvested? How do you quantify differences in skills so time is valued equally? How much debt, personal or otherwise, are you comfortable with? What if one of the business partners wants to leave the business? What will the buyout process be to let them go or replace them? Small businesses often have cash flow issues or emergency needs for capital, so whose personal assets will and will not be available? What is the end game? Will the business be sold or stay in the family or old business partners be replaced with new ones? What will that process look like?

Successful businesses and partnerships start with a trip to an attorney and business accounting so that expectations are managed and business partnerships are nailed down into a written agreement. With a written agreement there is nothing left to chance or faulty memories. Be smart going in and have a successful business partner in your small business.

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Small Business Growth – How to Use Leverage in Your Business

Small business growth depends on one very big principle: leverage. When you started your business, just having a business plan was enough, but now you find yourself working long and tiring hours. Leverage is a way to do more with less effort, but it takes knowledge and practice. Here is how you can leverage your business.

At the start of a small business, owners fill all kinds of roles in order to make sure the operation of the business is learned and performed the right way. But that means you are doing everything, and not growing the business. If this is where you are in your business, then you need to leverage your small business.

So, what is leverage? Well, it’s a principle that basically says “work once, get paid forever.” You basically do the work once; write it down into a system. By writing down and refining your system, you get better, more consistent results with more efficiency. There are four types of leverage: finance and money; marketing and sales; systems and equipment; and people.

Finance and money involves your ability to borrow money. Basically, since a bank will only lend money if they are sure you will be able to pay it back, you should only borrow money when you are sure you can pay it back and make money from the loan, or you can get a decent return on investment.

Marketing and sales involves methods to make money for your business. Just starting the small business and waiting for customers to show up doesn’t work well. Think about is like this: Leads x Conversion Rate = Customers x Average Number of Transactions x Average Sale Value = Turnover x Profit Margin = Profit. By measuring each step, you can focus and understand where you need to work the hardest and make the biggest changes.

Your system is the leveraging, and equipment makes a huge difference in productivity. So, what equipment do you need in order to better systemize your business? Not sure? Well, research it and then rent it. Renting it gives better money leverage, and also means you aren’t stuck with equipment that doesn’t help your business.

Your staff choices are probably some of the most important. Why? Well, they are replacing you in positions where you really don’t need to be, so choose wisely. Find people who will care as much about your business as you do. They are an investment that will make or break your business.

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Growing Your Business During the Recession

Most people think that just keeping your business open during a recession is success, but did you know that you can grow your business in bad economic times? You can, and in fact, you should be getting your business ready to explode out of the blocks when the recession finally ends NOW.

Now is the time to work on the growth of your business. Yes, the economy is still dragging, but now is the time to start getting ready for better times ahead. They are coming. Think about it. If you take the time now to get your business in order, make it run well and like a precision instrument, then all you need to do when things make a turn for the better is sit back and let it run. You’ll be in the best position to do even better in the good times.

So think outside the box and envision where you want to go. Then start putting those plans in place. The services or materials you will need are cheaper now than they will be in better economic times.

Do you want to expand to another location? With lease values lower in a recessionary economy, now is the time to negotiate a long term lease. New product line? Start negotiating contracts for the products now. Think long term. You may not have the capital now, but putting the agreements in place means you are on track for success.

You, as the owner, are the director of your future good fortune, so direct. Set up a team now that you know you can trust to see the big picture, make decisions and get things in place for better times. Take the time now to keep existing customers happy. Give them value now so that they keep coming back. If you can afford to start the plans, and not just have them in “agreement mode” start.

Success in the good times depends on how you handle your business in the bad. Plan now for greater success and grow your business.

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What Separates a Successful Business from a Failing Business?

Sometimes it’s easy to see a successful business and when it’s a failing business. But can you tell what made one successful and the other fail? More importantly, do you use the practices that keep successful businesses in business?

Successful businesses we notice share some of the same characteristics. Some of these are common sense, but others are habits that have to be learned. Common sense ones? Well, the first is having an open mind and being willing to adapt when things change. How many businesses went under because they didn’t adapt to the new recessionary markets? You just can’t do business the old ways anymore. The second one is staying on top of your finances. Are you aware of the state of your profits, cash flow and payables? If the first two decline, knowing early is the line between success and failure. Early changes to make cash flow improve takes awareness of the cash flow problem. Waiting will not make those kinds of problems disappear.

Other habits need to be learned, especially if they don’t come naturally to you. The first of these is asking advice from experts. This doesn’t mean just experts in your business field, but also advice from accountants and lawyers to be sure you are following all the right tax laws, and are not violating other laws or regulations. Another great source of advice is a business coach. All of these people will give you the knowledge you need to grow your business. Second, take advantage of technology. Use it to your advantage to make your business competitive. Take advantage of training opportunities for sales and marketing. Everyone needs sales. Even those lawyers and accountants. How do you think you get clients? Third, create a system that makes your business flow seamlessly. If you have systems in place you can focus on growing the business, not just making it work. Lastly, make sure you encourage and provide a culture in your business that encourages communication and free flow of ideas.

A business coach can help you with all of these areas of success. So don’t be a failing business, practice the habits of a successful business.

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What Should You Outsource? A Follow-up!

In an earlier article we talked about scarcity of time and outsourcing labor to use your time as a business owner wisely. So what kinds of things should you outsource? Things like administrative tasks, repetitive tasks, accounting and even sales.

Time is an asset that must always be spent wisely because it’s something that once lost you can’t recover. You know your business, and you have the best idea of what tasks are productive and which ones are time wasters. Are the tasks you are choosing to do the best use of your time? Once you figure out that question, you can delegate the tasks that aren’t a good use of your time to others freeing you up to do the things that you do best.

Delegation can best be done through outsourcing. There are a lot of things that you do that are time wasters, but are necessary for the health of your business. What kinds of things? Well, administrative tasks. Sending out letters, reminders, filing, making phone calls, returning emails, yes, all the things an administrative assistant does. Outsource them to a virtual assistant.

There are more things you can outsource. How much time do you spend on the bookkeeping aspect of your business? Probably too much. Again, a necessary part of owning a business, but a time waster. So, outsource it. Have someone else do your bookkeeping. Have someone else take care of tax matters and filings. Be sure to stay on top of it, as in make sure it gets done. Know where you stand at all times, but let someone else do the numbers input.

Do you have other repetitive tasks? What they are will, obviously, depend on your business. If they are tasks that actually bring in money, then they aren’t wasting your time… unless your time could be spent on a task that makes you more than those repetitive tasks. So, outsource.

Even sales can be outsourced. Do you want to spend your time training sales staff to sell for you, or have staff already trained and ready to go? Outsource the training. Save your time for the important things and outsource the rest.

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